Today was an awesome day.

In the morning we took the train to downtown san diego where we visited the magic shop in seaport village. Then we went to horton plaza and shopped around (sat in massage chairs for awhile :-P) . Then we were off to balboa park where we visited the Reuben H. Fleet science center, and then a quick ride through the surface streets back to Santa Fe Depot.

There we took a train (at appx. 2.15) up to Solana Beach where we rode all over the place and visited Cody’s dad’s house. Then we arrived back at the train station where we were planning on taking a 4:56 train to Carlsbad Poinsettia station. Come to think that it’s extremely hard to get two bikes through a crowd of people. Especially when the train opens its doors for about 30 seconds.

So we missed the train ^)^.

That means biking home..

We rode 12 miles along Pacific Coast Highway.. **in the dark mind you**… back to Colin’s mom’s house. Wow that was quite a long ride :P. But anyways we had alot of fun.

Keep in mind that this whole day it was just Colin, Me, and our bikes. Quite a trek i must say :P.



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