Well how do you do.

Yesterday I went to work at tangent for about 6 hours.. it was fun I learned alot more stuff about stuff :). So next weekend after I take my PSAT I’ll go again.. and maybe on Friday night to a marketing meeting. Anyways boring stuff.

So after that mom and I were driving up to the store to buy dinner and I was like, oh yeah theres a band tournament at my school and a bunch of other friends from different schools are gonna be there. So then, sporadically, I went to that instead of whatever I was going to do. Met up with Macey and friends, and quickly spotted Richelle. So that was entertaining.

Now I’m just sitting here because nobody wants to do anything. For some reason my moms all pissed about something and she is acting really wierd and 3rd graderish. So I guess I’ll just figure something out, probably go ride my bike or whatever.

So cool fun coolness.

-the corey-


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