I’ve been involved with the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life since 2005.

Relay is a 24-hour event to support the American Cancer Society, celebrate survivors, spread awareness and come together as a community to rally around an important cause. Relays are held all over the world at universities, schools and parks from 9 AM on a Saturday until 9 AM on a Sunday. The goal is for teams to raise sponsorship money for keeping at least one member of your team walking the track for all 24 hours. We have entertainment, food, games and all sorts of craziness going on all night long.

February of 2002, my little brother was diagnosed with a type of lymphoma. Since then, the American Cancer Society (ACS) has played a huge role in my life and held a special place in my heart. ACS puts on the SIBS (Special and Important Brothers & Sisters) camp that I attended for 8 years. I met some of my best friends at that camp, including the Warner family (Keary, Sarah, Chris & Kyle).

As I got older, I began to realize how huge of a role the society plays in cancer research, education, advocacy and patient support. For me, Relay is a way to 1) give back to a foundation that gave so much to me and my family and 2) support a society that plays a crucial role in fighting the horrible disease called cancer.

I spent my early Relay years in El Cajon. Keary was the first person to invite me to a Relay, and as they say – once you relay once, you relay forever. So true. I participated, led a team and served on the El Cajon Relay’s planning committee for a total of 4 years. Last year I decided to transfer to a Relay that was closer to me. I asked my good friend, Robby Medina, who is the Camp Administrator and a Relay Manager at ACS to pick a Relay for me. Carlsbad it was.

I served as the Entertainment Chairperson on Carlsbad’s planning committee for last year’s Relay, and continued this year. The Carlsbad relay starts tomorrow at 9 AM and goes until 9 AM on Sunday! I’m really excited for 24 hours of relay awesomeness. Come on out and join the fun!

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