This last season of life has been different than any other in so many ways! I’ve been working on creating space for new people, places, and ideas as I move forward with planting a missional community in Ocean Beach.

I just wanted to take a few minutes to share some random recent updates:

Thanksgiving was fantastic. I cooked my first Turkey (successfully according to my guests!), hosted my mom, brother and some new friends in Ocean Beach (the McAteers, their kids, and mom).

I’ve been going to hot yoga regularly and it is fantastic. You’d think I would’ve at least tried yoga at least once in my 25 years of life, but I had not until a few weeks ago. My friend (and missional community partner) Clay invited me. I was hooked from day one! It feels so fantastic to go into a super hot room for an hour and just stretch out all the toxins. Lovely.

The hotel that I assistant manage has been pretty slow. I’ve had time at work to read, listen to podcasts, work on some marketing projects, and scroll through pinterest. Other positive aspects: it’s a 5 minute walk from my house, my position connects me to the OB business community, and my staff are pretty rad.

We hosted a Christmas Party at my house last week and it was fantastic. I invited the most random selection of people and it was fun to make connections and see people enjoy each other’s company.

I’ve been mostly car-less since selling my broken Explorer back to the bank in April of this year. I’ll borrow friends cars periodically when they’re out of town (my house is so close to the airport– it’s pretty convenient) and I’m super thankful when I can! There are a few reasons why I’ve chosen not to purchase a new car– the two big ones are to dedicate more funds toward my missional efforts in OB, and to force myself to slow down, walk more, and spend more time in my community. It’s amazing how different the world looks at 3 MPH instead of 45.

I’m picking up some serving shifts at the new Soda & Swine restaurant in Liberty Station to make some extra cash and to gain more exposure to what is (in my opinion) one of the greatest cocktail programs in San Diego (shoutout to all the Consortium Group properties). I’d love to learn more about the fine art of crafting delicious libations. It would be rad to bartend a few nights a week in the future somewhere in the OB/Point Loma area. The extrovert in me loves to hang out with new people all the time– a bar is a great place to do that.

Bob Goff (author of Love Does) lives one mile across the hill from me in Point Loma and I got together with him a few weeks ago just to hang out and chat. He’s hosting a small gathering conference-like-thing early next year and he invited me to work with him on the logistics of that event. I’m stoked to pull out my event planning tool belt and work with a cool guy like Bob to produce an empowering low-key conference-gathering-thing for folks from around the world.

The guys I live with are amazing. I can’t say enough about how awesome Craig, Andy, Justin, and Jordan are. They are a huge part of why the transition to living an OB/Loma-centric life hasn’t been miserable. We share meals regularly, invest in each other’s friends and events, and we keep the house looking like 5 respectable adults live there. I have learned so much about the value of home in this past year, it’s crazy. I went from living in my office at the church, to living all over Southern California (everywhere from closet-sized rooms at Camp Marston and RVs in wal-mart parking lots (for real) to tiny apartments in fullerton and best friend’s parent’s houses)– and now I’m not planning to go anywhere and I live in a solid house with solid guys. This is huge. It means a lot. I’m thankful. Dare I say #blessed.

Thanks for bearing with the randomness of this post! I just wanted to share a little ‘slice of life’ for the moment. More ideas regarding living missionally, in community, and what it looks like to start planting roots with new folks in the near future.

Cheers, Grace & Peace, and Merry Christmas 🙂


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