Once a nerd, always a nerd.

Tonight I decided to convert one of (many) old machines I have lying around into an epic picture frame. It’s projects like this that remind me how fun it is to be a nerd.

This is such a simple project, I don’t even need to list the steps to complete it. All you need to do is a find an old Mac computer with OS X 10.2.8 or higher. Plug it into an outlet and make sure it has network access (via cat5 or wireless). Open up your system preferences and head over to the screen saver pane. Select the ‘picture slideshow’ option. You’ve got some options at this point on where you decide to keep the pictures you want it to display. I decided to point it to a folder on my primary office computer. That way when I want to add new pictures to it, I just drag and drop them to the folder right on my machine. I just realized that if you didn’t have network access you could transfer some pictures over and then run it standalone (with power only). I also realized that there were quite a few steps involved in this, although I probably made it sound way more complicated than it actually is.

It may also be worthy to note that I installed Apple’s Remote Desktop Client 2.1 (which includes a VNC server… awesome). That way I can access the machine remotely without having to plug in a physical mouse and keyboard. Since I can see it from my desk… it almost works as a 4th computer for me! Except for the fact that OS X 10.2 runs like a slug – which is why it works great as a picture frame!

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