There is so much going on in life, the idea of communicating it all is overwhelming and sometimes stifles my desire to write at all. So here’s an ever-so-relevant slice: I’m currently having to relearn the idea of living in the moment.

I’ve always been a huge proponent of appreciating every day for what it is, saving the troubles of tomorrow for tomorrow and being present with those around you. Applying this concept used to be second-nature. I also used to have a lot of consistency in my life.

Up until the end of 2011, for four years straight, I woke up every day in the same room, ate breakfast at the same Starbucks, worked in the same office, drove the same car and spent time with the same friends. Staff meetings were every Tuesday at 10am. Youth group on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Church on Sunday mornings. Sure, things changed from time to time, but in the midst of a sea of sameness, changes here and there barely rock the boat.

It was easy to ‘live in the moment’ because the foundation for those moments was so consistent.

Today, my life is physically scattered across two counties. I’m living off of income I make DJing weddings while I apply for jobs that I want at the YMCA. I have plenty of places to live but nowhere to call home; I am literally living out of a duffel bag. I’m tired, emotionally and physically; I am beyond tired spiritually.

I’m beginning to understand that the struggle really is real. Ha! I used to think everyone was so funny with all their gripes about being a 20-something.

So in this moment, I’m sitting in a comfy green chair at Night Owl, a coffee shop in Downtown Fullerton. The guy next to me noticed that I was looking around for a power outlet and offered his macbook charger. Someone propped the front door open and a breeze is coming through, it’s cold… but it feels good. There are a lot of students in here studying, solving complicated calculus problems, writing essays. I finished my mocha hours ago, but no one is bothered that I’m still here, enjoying the fast wifi.

I’m thankful for the peace of this moment. Here’s to you finding the beauty in the moment you’re in.

now playing: please be my strength . gungor

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