2nd night back in my own bed. First thing I notice: queen beds are nice. It’s gonna be time to upgrade from this twin sometime in the near future.

It was a fun month (and a week) house/dog sitting for the Marchese’s. Truthfully it didn’t feel too much different than living at home, besides a few things. 1. It was closer to the church. Only by about 3 minutes, but it feels like it makes a difference. 2. I came home to absolutely no one. Which sounds sort of lonely – but was actually peaceful. It was nice to come in and not have to worry about making noise because people were sleeping… that sort of thing.

I also learned that whenever I get married, we’re only getting a dog if my wife is down to take care of the sucker. Disclaimer: as with many things in life, my feelings about this will probably change with age and time. Anyhow. I wouldn’t consider myself a ‘dog person’ – I do enjoy dogs (most out of all domestic pets), but they are quite a bit of work to take care of.

I ran the dishwasher once. (Well twice, but the same load of dishes). Both times that I ate ‘meals’ from their house, Colin cooked them. Colin is actually quite a decent cook. And he enjoys cooking and food. I don’t think I knew that before… definitely keeping that in mind though. I told him he should consider culinary school. If he becomes a chef, and I get my pilot’s license.. we could make bank – a gourmet flying steakhouse!

Going off title topic – I’m looking forward to this week. Backstage was last Thursday which means this is ‘recovery’ week. Time to take care of all the loose ends that I dropped during Backstage week. Not too many this time, actually – so that’s good. Should be a good week. Hopefully I can get some new procedural systems in place to make things more efficient this month. First week of the month is usually best to do that kind of stuff – before craziness sets in.

Spanish tomorrow. And Geography – but that doesn’t really count. Time for sleep.

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