Well good morning!

Currently I am sitting on the floor in Colin’s bedroom at his moms house on his laptop which is connected wirelessly to the home network. Its approximately 6:45 in the morning..

Yesterday was pretty fun. We all went to the hospital in the morning and I showed Colin around (we got lost a little but oh well — all the more adventure right? :D:D). It took FOREVER. lol. but those hospital people always take ages to do what they gotta do. Anyways..

After the hospital we stopped at the North County Fair Mall and had lunch and shopped around a little bit.

Then we went to our seperate homes, exept I went straight to Dr. Brombacher DDS (the dentist :D). Colin also had an apptmnt. Then Colin came over and my mom brought us to the movies where we saw the incredibles and had a light dinner at Chipotle.

After all that (its around 7:40 ish ) we go back home, load my bike up in my dad’s other truck, and drive over to Colin’s moms house (which is on the coast in carlsbad). We went in the pool for awhile, and then to sleep.

Today we are going to ride the train (just colin and I) for an hour to downtown san diego and then ride bikes. on the way back we might stop in solana beach, and I personally want to check out pacific beach. I woke up about an hour ago and I started to study the downtown street grid.. to tell ya the truth its pretty simple :D. I’ve got it memorized now ;-).

Well I should probably wake Colin up now, so i’ll get back with an update l8r.


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