Good morning!
Wake up sunny San Diego itssss monday!!!!!

Well I had an excellent weekend. Friday afternoon (leaving school after lunch) I was at a speech and debate tournament at El Camino High. Colin and I team debate (parliamentary) and we had awesome fun. Then Saturday morning I woke up again early to leave for the Individual Events day of the tournament. After an exciting drive in the van over there I had a great day doing my expository speech on the internet, and doing impromptu speaking. Overall colin and I placed 3rd in Parli Debate, I placed 3rd in Expository Speaking, and I placed 4th in Impromptu Im up to 5 trophies so far this year w00t w00t! Anyways, on Sunday (yesterday) nothing real exciting happened I just hung around the house all day, not doing homework. lol. I woke up at 5 this morning to finish up my homework and now Im waiting for my mom to finish making my breakfast, and ope. its done.


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