wow ok. so i got my mom really pissed at me. wait scratch that. she got pissed at me for no reason.
ok with that out of the way….

So I was talking to Sarah on the phone the other day and we had been talking for awhile and i overheard her mom say, “sarah.. this is long distance ya know” sarah said, “but mom he only lives up in oceanside.. its not that far long distance!” —she lives in el cajon (619)—


I had a ponderance that i came up with the other day… why do some people who are incredibly smart act stupid to impress people. A message to them : it doesnt impress me… but hey who gives a hoot what i think.

Well the week prior to now has been pretty ok i guess. On Friday night Colin and Shelby and I went to the movies and panda express and cold stone and burger king and stuff like that oh starbucks lol.. so that was fun. we were out until like 9 when i came home and konked out… oh and i saw lauren vanover at the movies!!!! yay that was fun.

hmm yes.. .yesterday was another speech and debate tournament Congress/Interp. since i dont do any interps (neither duz colin) all i did was congress which is a type of debate i suppose lol. anyways.. i finaled in that and got a trohpy … .. i would have placed had the last judge been nicer to me lol.

so now its the thanksgiving break. last night jonathan hawley’s mom drove colin and i back to school from helix high (where the tournament was located) and i accidentally left my sweatshirt in her car.. (YOU DID WHAT?!?!?!?!??!?!?!) you heard me.. i did the unthinkable. the crime never committed. so now my mom is all freakin out on me.. cutting of my aim and email (so she says) until she says i can again. why….. not sure. but hopefully i can get in touch with the hawley’s to get it back.

hopefully i’ll get back to ya later this week..

love you alicia!
sarah rules!
katie is awesome!
nyki is the best!
elle is cool!
kelsey – need to call you!!



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