I’m not drinking coffee this summer on weekdays. Monday through Friday, no coffee. No espresso drinks, no black coffee, no doubleshots from the gas station, no frapuccinos (read: no coffee).

If you know me at all, there’s a good chance you know that coffee is was a huge part of my life. It’s not just the delicious blackety black liquid that I enjoy, I enjoy coffee culture. I like tasting different brews of coffee and talking about how they taste. I like combining flavored syrups, various types of espresso shots, and milk to create delicious drinks that most people never dreamt of. I like hanging out with the baristas in my favorite starbucks right down the street from my office.

Alas, this summer, none of that for me during the week. What I’m finding is that not drinking coffee during the week makes me care less about drinking on my ‘cheat days’ (Saturday & Sunday). For the past few weeks that I’ve been on this coffee diet I wake up on Saturday and I usually don’t even think about wanting coffee. It’s actually really cool!

It’s Sunday night after college group and I’m sitting in Starbucks relaxing, reading, blogging and spending time with Jesus. A few of my typical starbucks activities. My drink of choice tonight? Tall Refresh tea for here. To all of you doubters out there: I’m not addicted. 🙂

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