Today, Hayden and I went to Family Christian to find a book to read for discipleship. We finished going through ‘Do Hard Things’. Every time I go into a bookstore (especially Family Christian) I have this strong urge to read everything.

It always comes down to me thinking that I should ‘schedule’ time to read. Which is sort of silly. So I started thinking about why I don’t end up reading that often, and came up with the resolution that it’s because there are other things I think I enjoy doing more. Like working.

Case and point:

Tonight before dinner I spent a good 30 minutes reading. I purposefully hadn’t pulled my computer out of my bag yet. It was good! Relaxing, stimulating… all the stuff that reading is supposed to be. After dinner I pulled my computer out and sat on my bed. I ended up working on an upcoming project for almost 2 hours. My natural tendency is to work. A lot of people’s natural tendency is probably to not-work. Mine is to-work. Interesting. I do find work enjoyable, which I’m sure has a lot to do with my natural tendency to do it.

Anyhow. I forced myself to stop working and went back to reading my book for awhile.

Moral? None, really. Just that I sometimes wish my natural tendency leaned more towards casual activities like reading and journaling (over working).

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