The Official “Who Am I”

Ok.. you all have probably seen those things where you answer bunches of questions about yourself.. well I remade it into a nice format that everyone should use :-D. The blank one is below. I will fill it out for the next post.

school dayz…

Wow.. day three and i havent been trampled yet *does the happy dance*. Eventful things for today would include: I made it to the student store during 14 minute nutrition break, at which point i crawled under people to get to the front. :-d Then i bought three cookies and made a b-line for english. […]

school day 2.. i made it XD XD XD

Wow.. i made it through day 2 of high school. *wipes sweat off forehead*. Well classes went pretty well.. lots of homework though.. ughh. At lunchtime today I actually found colin and i had a smoothie and top ramen for lunch. it was pretty good.. except for the al dente noodles blah. hmm.. o. today […]

hmm.. well that was an experience

Wow! I suppose I got through the first day at RBV ok. First period I have Kelly-Gillen for a Science teacher.. she says that will be my hardest class. I hope not. :-/. Next I have Keepen or Keepers or sumthin like that for a math teacher. He likes to lick his fingers before he […]

Pix of Peeps

Ok well i figure that i will probably be talking about people alot in my blog and i better show you some pics so you know who i am talking about. Alicia B. – a friend from camp Javier – a friend from camp (lives in Tijuana :-D) Katie – Alicias best friend (from camp […]

first day of school

Good morning! Well today is the first day of high school. Hmm. i wonder if this will be a good experience o.O. Well I have like the hardest classes in the world.. let me see here.. •per.1 Pre Lab Bio Honors •per.2 Geo/Trig Honors •per.3 English 9 Honors •per.4 Spanish 1 (uggh) •per.5 World History […]