good advice

A few years ago I was the Creative Director for a Christian entertainment company in La Jolla. As a young ‘professional’, at that time only 16-17 years old, I had to learn to overcome the ‘disability of my age’. My job required me to work with people who had years of experience and wisdom beyond […]

itunes update

It’s been awhile. Here’s what’s been coming out of my speakers lately. • Hearts Safe (A Better Way ) – Tenth Avenue North • Only Love Remains – JJ Heller • Love Like Crazy – Lee Brice • Before the Throne of God – Shane & Shane • Somebody to Love – Justin Bieber • […]

nerd project of the week

Once a nerd, always a nerd. Tonight I decided to convert one of (many) old machines I have lying around into an epic picture frame. It’s projects like this that remind me how fun it is to be a nerd. This is such a simple project, I don’t even need to list the steps to […]

notice these things?

Check out this short video on ‘this generation’ of teenagers. Interesting.

too important to pass up

It’s been a long day and I’m ready to go to bed. I decided to read a few random blog posts from my feed reader before I let my head hit the pillow and the first one that pops up is on Tim Schraeder’s site. Tim does my job at Park Community Church, a Gospel-centered […]

everything has a purpose

If you’ve ever had a conversation with me about something going on in your life (or something going on in mine, for that matter), chances are we’ve talked about the purpose behind something. In grade school, we learn to write 5 paragraph essays. The first paragraph is the intro which includes the ever important thesis […]