The title refers to ‘things going on in my life’.

I haven’t written in awhile about my day to day life so I figured I’d give you a brief run down of the past couple of days.

Monday, Jana and Lukas and I went to VAVPA’s graduation. Hayden gave a great speech. Jana packed a picnic. It was awesome.

Tuesday, Jana and I went to VMMS’s graduation. We saw a bunch of kids graduate. Jana packed a picnic. It was awesome.

Check out pics from both nights below.

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Yesterday (Wednesday) I honestly didn’t get much work done. Rach and I went hiking that morning. We’re going hiking once a week this summer. I went to Kealani’s for lunch with Kayla. I love her. I also love Kealani’s. So that worked out well. After working for a few hours in the afternoon I went to the Winkler’s for dinner. Mrs. Winkler made some delicious steak (my 2nd steak ever), potatoes, asparagus and salad. For dessert we had blueberries and strawberries with cool whip. It was fun to spend some time with that family! They are fun and adorable. Last night I went to Taylor McWey’s to hang out and play rockband with Tay, Dan and Wes. A bunch of other people ended up coming over later and we just hung out for awhile.

Today was a super productive day. Which was good, considering Wednesday lacked in the productivity department. Danielle took care of almost everything for service prep while I spent the day working on Worship Folder and Hot Sheet stuff. Dori normally does the worship folder and hot sheet, but she’s in Peru on a mission trip (prayers for her and the team!). Some other random people/students came in throughout the day and hung out for awhile, so I put them to work on different projects. I’m hopping on the Debbie Jobe bandwagon for a week or two and cleaning out my various spaces around the campus.

Debbie, Danielle and I went to Einstein Bagels for lunch. I absolutely love their bagel with lox. It’s delicious. It’s also fun to ride around in Debbie’s convertible Toyota Solara, especially on days as beautiful as today was.

After Danielle and I finished wrapping up stuff after worship practice, I headed over to Debbie’s house to catch the very tail end of I the HS bible study night. I love high school bible study nights at the Jobe’s. As Stu and Dale and I grouped up and started talking about work (we tend to do that) we realized that we had a lot to discuss for this Sunday. It was a little late to figure that out considering it’s Thursday night and none of us work Fridays or Saturdays. We took our meeting to the yellow deli. A few hours later we had booked plane tickets and a hotel room for yet another worship candidate as well as come up with our promotion plan for the weekend getaway (previously known as couple’s retreat).

What does that mean? Of course, it means that I have to design our ‘weekend getaway’ branding, design and print an invitation postcard and create a website. I just need to have that done by Sunday, so no big deal. Apparently I’m working this weekend. 🙂

Tomorrow, Callie and I are going to the rainbow outlet to get new sandals. I’ve had my rainbows for 3 summers already, so it’s time for a new pair, I think. Tomorrow night, Rach, Cal and Jana and I are seeing the youth show at moonlight, Cinderella. Then – Ultrazone, of course. I’ve also got some IT/client web work to get done. So I guess I’ll spend all day Saturday working on the ‘weekend getaway’ branding package. Sounds like a plan to me!

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