Hey.. well i really don’t have much fun interesting stuff to say today except for two things..

I just found out my favorite quote that other people say to me.. almost everyone i know has said this to me at least once for a myriad (many) of different reasons:

“but but but… your corey”

I dunno.. lol. I just think thats funny. Its like.. there are the preps, the slobs, the goths, the geeks… then theres.. corey. lol… it amuses me.


I am going to start writing a story which will be based on the people that are in my live. some events will be fictitious some will be based on things that actually happened. but im not sure where to start.. i need to get a few different story threads and then i need to decide to which characters i will limit it to.. otherwise there will be like 300.

so if you have any ideas…. im me (sideout1010 = AIM) or (placeyourhandinmine@hotmail.com = MSN) or email me at placeyourhandinmine@msn.com or coreybbb@gmail.com


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