my lifecloud

So today I was browsing around and I found this place that will make a tshirt for you based on your blog. It takes the most common words found and makes a “blog cloud” graphic with them. I took the list of words it created and made my own graphic – I call it a […]

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hola.. well today was a pretty good day! morning.. regular it was prep (pep) rally schedule today so all of our classes were a tad bit shorter – and then of course there was a pep rally. normally i just stay outside and don’t go to the pep rally’s.. but i figured.. what the heck. […]

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People, people, people.. really.. calm down. Hehehe Well first semester of Sophomore year is finally o-v-e-r!!!! But I still have like 4 more months or something like that.. wait.. 5 months. 🙂 This weekend.. just chilling out. Went to Tangent after the Chem final yesterday and worked bla bla, then shot the pilot episode, and […]

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Yo peeps! I know, I know.. no post in a long time. Most of my regular readers know why.. 🙂 Well I just got back from chill fest with church. I skipped school on Friday and went to Utah! It was only a 20 hour bus ride.. and we got there at about 3 in […]

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